HT2023: Longtermism (with Timothy L. Williamson).

Time and location:

13:30-15:30, Fridays HT2023 in the Ryle Room, Radcliffe Humanities Building (Philosophy Faculty).


Before each class, students should read the Core Readings, and are highly encouraged to read at least one Additional Reading of their choice. Further Readings

are entirely optional, but interested students are encouraged to bring them up in class.

Week 1: Introduction to Longtermism

Week 2: Overview of Population Ethics and Long-term Interventions

Week 3: From Axiological to Deontic Longtermism

Week 4: Aggregation

Week 5: Extinction Risk and the Asymmetry

Week 6: Fanaticism

Week 7: Cluelessness

Week 8: Can We Systematically Affect The Far Future?